Fluorine Distillation Unit

It is a device for testing water vapor distillation methods such as fluorine and Cyanide, phenol, and ammonia nitrogen in the environmental fields.

This equipment is distillation unit for fluorine. The specialized controlling system make sure great test result. This has been registered as a Repulic of Korea utility model(20-04092724).

It use a temperature sensor that is firmly fixed in a sample flask.

Liquid detection sensors allow you to freely control the amount of extract.

It uses a dedicated heater to quickly reach the temperature at which fluorine is distilled.

Introduce for fluorine distillation unit

Introduce for dual fluorine distillation unit


4×20 LCD
Dimensions (W×D×H)
480×400×700mm | 600×400×800mm
Recovery Rate
95% <
± 1%
Distillation Time
10 ~ 20 min
Inside Materials
Stainless Teflon coating
Outside Materials
Stainless Powder Coating
Power Source
AC220V, 50/60Hz, 1Φ
Power Requirement
2400W/h | 4800W/h
28 kg | 40 kg

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